A Complete Guide to Valuation of IP Assets
(with discussions on Managing, Auditing and Taxing IPs)

A Complete Guide to Valuation of IP Assets has been categorically written in parts so as to make the subject matter easy to comprehend. It covers all types of intellectual properties and, while differentiating the individual requirement of various types of intellectual property, it encompasses within its scope of discussion the need and means of valuation of such intellectual properties.

The book answers the most important queries related to valuation, starting with a discussion on what is valuation. Further, it elaborates upon scenarios in which valuation becomes pertinent, thereby answering the question why is valuation required. It then delves into a detailed discussion on the types of valuation approaches, thereafter explaining and dealing with individual intellectual properties for determining when to apply a particular approach. This is followed by explanation on how to carry out a valuation of different IP assets. This book, while keeping in mind various industries and communities, also provides a unique discussion of management, audit and taxation of intellectual property. 

For a topic as complex as valuation, A Complete Guide to Valuation of IP Assets has been curated as an invaluable guide for students, researchers and professionals, with theoretical understanding of the subject matter coupled with case studies, illustrations and samples.