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Book Review
Chokepoints: Global private regulation on the Internet 

Chokepoints: Global private regulation on the Internet by Natasha Tusikov.

About the Book:

In January 2012, millions participated in the now-infamous “Internet blackout” against the Stop Online Piracy Act, protesting the power it would have given intellectual property holders over the Internet. However, while SOPA’s withdrawal was heralded as a victory for an open Internet, a small group of corporations, tacitly backed by the US and other governments, have implemented much of SOPA via a series of secret, handshake agreements. Drawing on extensive interviews, Natasha Tusikov details the emergence of a global regime in which large Internet firms act as regulators for powerful intellectual property owners, challenging fundamental notions of democratic 

University of California Press
ISBN: 9780520291225

Read the review published in International Criminal Justice Review in the link below.

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