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Bioinformatics: Nuances in Granting IP Proteciton
Intellectual Property Issues in Microbiology 

Book : Intellectual Property Issues in Microbiology 
Editors : Singh, Harikesh Bahadur, Keswani, Chetan, Singh, Surya Pratap (Eds)
About the Book
In the current era current era of significant innovations, science and technology are powerful tools improving human welfare through prosperity and sustainable development. The development of microbiology based industries in any given country is shaped by the characteristics of its technology—particularly its close relation to scientific knowledge, and by country-specific factors such as the level and nature of the scientific knowledge base, the institutional set-up, and the role assumed by the government, all of which influence the country's ability to exploit the new opportunities.
This unique book presents an integrated approach for sustained innovation in various areas of microbiology. Focusing on the industrial and socio-legal implications of IPR in microbiological advances, it offers a comprehensive overview not only of the implications of IPR in omics-based research but also of the ethical and intellectual standards and how these can be developed for sustained innovation.
The book is divided into three sections discussing current advances in microbiological innovations, recent intellectual property issues in agricultural, and pharmaceutical microbiology respectively. Integrating science and business, it offers a glimpse behind the scenes of the microbiology industry, and provides a detailed analysis of the foundations of the present day industry for students and professionals alike.

Chapter 6 : Bioinformatics: Nuances in Granting IP Protection
Author : Abhijeet Kumar

A society is built upon the information gathered by generations, left for advanced usage and analysis by the future generation. Beside books, scrolls and stone carvings, information have been carried around through genes, and its components, since always. Such information, commonly referred as Bioinformatics, requires preservation for continuous
research. While the research upon Bioinformatics have changed the dimensions of the inventions being carried out in this field, at the same time it has also created a debate for protection of such information, and means to extract and analyse them. This chapter explains the historical development of the term Bioinformatics and explain its commercial and scientific value in the modern world. Furthermore, the chapter also deals with different types of IP protections available to Bioinformatics, its researchers and benefactors.

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